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Two images that show Modo's versatility. The top image, a lamp with a specialist bulb, demonstrates how precise Modo can be. The lower image shows that Modo is very capable indeed of natural forms. The hair, and its colouring, are as a result of Modo's exceptional UV mapping functions.

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Personalised one-to-one live online training. Learn by the hour at your own pace


Review your live sessions at leisure

The MODO BEGINNER training course is up to 30 hours in duration. Chose how many hours you wish to involve yourself and select those issues you feel you need more help with. You can skip any sessions you feel you have already mastered. You’ll cover all of the essential basics from model building, texturing, lighting to hierarchical animation. This is a short, sharp introduction to this complex software. It is aimed at beginners in 3D animation or those already familiar with other 3D animation software but need a quick introduction to Modo. You will not cover everything in Modo in 30 hours- but we will help you get over the initial steep learning curve and build your confidence.


CHOOSE WHICH SESSIONS YOU WISH TO TAKE and customise your course.


USE A SCREEN RECORDER TO RECORD YOUR LESSONS. Do this so you can replay your lessons and revise. There are many free screen recording packages available for Mac and PC. Google 'Screen recorders' and take your pick.


About our Modo training

Modo is the software of choice for many professionals involved in photo-retouching, set design, product shots and engineering visualisations. We run a 5 day Modo basics course that aims to teach the essential Modo functions.  It covers the interface and tool-set, the modelling set for essential product design and architecture, lighting and texturing within the layer stack. In lighting and rendering Modo is the supreme master.


Here is a session breakdown but you are free to take your pick and even suggest the disciplines you'd like to cover


SESSION 1 - 5 one hour lessons. The interface, modelling basics

SESSION 2 - 5 one hour lessons. Advanced modelling, sub-divisions and deformers

SESSION 3- 5 one hour lessons. Textures and lighting, rendering, UV mapping

SESSION 4 - 5 one hour lessons. Begin building, lighting, texturing and rendering a complete product of your choice

SESSION 5 - 5 one hour lessons. Conclude building, lighting, texturing and rendering a complete product of your choice.

The Modo interface is very much its own thing. As an experienced animator (or not as the case may be) you will find it distinctly odd. But once you get to know it's individual ways you will grow to appreciate it. It's rendering is not just fast it's incredibly realistic. Here at 3D3 World we have used many software packages over the decades but Modo, in its own niche, is the leader of the pack.



Each lesson is €20 per hour payable in advance with PayPal. To book longer sessions you may pay using direct bank transfer to Citibank in London.



There is a 10% discount for students, the retired and those out of work



In order to train you live online it is necessary to use screen sharing software. The easiest to set up is ZOOM. Using ZOOM (www.zoom.us) is easy to set up. We can talk about this when you're ready




You are able to record your ZOOM session for future reference and to go over points you may have missed

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