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Our courses


5 day modular courses at all levels. Beginner to professional. Take as many modules as you need. Chose your starting level and then your target level. Essentially you are tailoring the course to your individual requirements. It starts easy and gets more complex

The purpose of this course is to quickly get you familiar with Premiere editing. There are several important areas that you must understand. They are importing media and proxies, colour correction, basic editing technique (cuts and dissolve), special effects, text and captions. syncing with After Effects for complex assemblies and outputting video files in all formats.  Students should bring their own footage or it can be shot locally.

We run two 5 day courses for Modo. The beginner course covers the basic functions of shape creation, lighting and texturing. The intermediary course goes deeper into complex shape creation, animation, particles and physics

After Effects
The purpose of this course is to get you familiar with After Effects in a very short space of time. You can think about After Effects as being a kind of Photoshop for moving images. You will need to understand how to work in layers, how to apply luma and chroma keys, mask out areas, apply text, animate sections, apply colour correction using Lumetri, how incorporate 3D images and how to export using appropriate codecs. There is a lot to learn. But 5 days will cover all the essential ground-work.

Drawing and Painting
We run two 5 day courses in drawing and painting. They are suited to those who need to understand these important skills be they potential artists or 3D animators. We will focus on life drawing, natural forms, and use the classic Tuscan landscape for inspiration

Book for a course between the 30th September and 11th October for a 25% discount on your fee

All meals and accommodation are inclusive



Here at 3D3 World we have had almost 20 years experience with Maya. It is our main platform for developing projects for animation and for VR. We use RenderMan, Arnold and occasionally V-Ray for rendering. Chose between Beginner, Advanced, Master and Academy courses and we promise you the best and most effective classroom experience



We run two 5 day Modo courses here at 3D3 World. The first is for beginners needing to get to grip with the interface, shape creation, lighting and texturing. The second course is more advanced. It covers more complex shape creation, animation, particles and physics.


Drawing & painting

The ability to see and analyse through drawing and observation is a skill often overlooked by future animators and fine artists. It was once widely taught in the foundation and degree courses at many of the universities in the UK. Here at 3D3 World we seek to unite the artist with the engineer so that he may develop a greater understanding of the structures in the surrounding World.

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Life at 3D3 World


We are based in the Castello Neve, a thousand year old castle, near the city of Cortona in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy. Students have their own rooms with a shower and bathroom attached. Meals are typically Italian at the Castello although we often eat out. In the mornings, evenings or at the week-end students may wish to cycle or run in this delightful (and quiet) region.

We train from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening with a one hour break for lunch.

All meals and accommodation are free at 3D3 World. You will have your own private room with adjoining shower and bathroom. If you have any special dietary requirements do let us know. We can pick you up at either Perugia International Airport (Ryan Air from Stansted) or Cortona railway station if you traveling via Pisa or Rome


Book your place at 3D3 World

The process is simple. Choose your course (or courses). Tell us the time that is best for you. We will get back and advise if your chosen dates are available. Then we will ask for a deposit of 10% of your fee to confirm your place (the balance is payable on arrival). You will then advise us on your travel arrangements and, on the chosen date, we will pick you up from either Perugia International Airport or Camucia/Cortona railway station


Book for a course between the 30th September and 11th October for a 25% discount on your fee

All meals and accommodation are inclusive


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