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5 day UNITY course


About our Unity training

For the creation of games and VR work there is nothing to beat Unity. It takes complex 3D scenes and renders them out in real time. It truly is a remarkable piece of software. The essentials are as follows. First of all one has to modify 3D data into high, medium and low poly counts prior to importing into Unity. In Unity animated objects must be given triggers and scripts. Textures and lighting must be applied and control of these factors is essential. Additionally objects which are occluded by other objects have to be given zero impact on calculation. There is a lot to deal with within a very short space of time.

A day to day breakdown


DAY 1 - Adapting existing geometry to 3 levels of detail. High, medium and low.

DAY 2 - Creating prefabs and instances. Creating a first person controller with script

DAY 3 - Triggering animations within Unity. Collisions. Canvas text and menus.

DAY 4 - Jumping from scene to scene, 3 dimensional audio. Physics. Atmospherics.

DAY 5 - Creating an app to run on the desktop or within a VR headset.

We here at 3D3 World still marvel at the ability of Unity to take complex geometry and output it in real time. Of course we have to play by the rules. Optimising geometry is vital- as is the process of handling textures and dealing with occlusion. Then we have to consider our scripts- and these can take time to get right. They have to be tested.



The cost of the 5 day course is £950 (1 trainer to 4 students) or £1050 (one trainer to one student). This includes meals and accommodation if you take the course at our Italian location near the delightful city of Cortona in Tuscany, Italy.


There is a 25% discount for students, the retired, asylum seekers and those out of work

ABOVE: This scene was created in Maya and output to Oculus Rift. The genius of Unity is that it can take a hugely complex 3D and output it at more than 60 frames a second.

ABOVE: A screen grab of the interactive APE movie built in Maya and output to Oculus Rift using Unity. The scene is controlled using an XBox 360 controller.

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