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5 day NUKE course


About our Nuke training

This is a short, sharp introduction to Nuke essentials. We will cover the essential Nuke functions and these are grading, layers, channels, compositing, luma and chroma keying, keyframing, writing of AOV's in Maya using RenderMan and incorporating them into a Nuke project, importing into a Nuke project and writing out QuickTime files.


PLEASE NOTE: This course requires familiarity with Maya and RenderMan for Maya (RfM)


A day to day breakdown


DAY 1 - The interface, importing footage, copying and shuffle copying channels

DAY 2 - Writing AOV's in Maya and using them within Nuke

DAY 3 - Luma and chroma keying., masking, text effects

DAY 4 - Colour correction and grading

DAY 5 - Particles and depth generator.

Nuke is a specialist tool and is widely used in the post-production field; particularly in the animation and film business. This course focusses on its ability to assist in the production and enhancement of animation created using Maya and RenderMan. here at 3D3 World the most common passes we use are Z and dPdtime. But beauty, shadow, highlight and specular passes are often used to make adjustments to final composites.



The cost of the 5 day course is £950 (1 trainer to 4 students) or £1050 (one trainer to one student). This includes meals and accommodation if you take the course at our Italian location near the delightful city of Cortona in Tuscany, Italy.


There is a 25% discount for students, the retired, asylum seekers and those out of work

ABOVE: In this shot Nuke read the Z information from a RenderMan .exr file and applied focus and depth of field. Far quicker than using a rendering engine to do the calculations.

ABOVE: RenderMan for Maya outputs many passes for compositing in Nuke. Above we see dPdtime (motion blur), z (depth) and beauty (main image). Nuke will composite these layers together and output a final QuickTime file for editing in Premiere or Final Cut X

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