3D3 World

London & Tuscany

Europe's longest running training facility. Founded in 1996. it has provided multi-media and 3D animation training for over 2 decades

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We teach the software we love and use. We have been working in media since the early 90's and have been long term devotees of the liberating effects of new media technology. We teach what we know. We never teach to a set curriculum. Every student is different and every student has differing needs. So tell us what you need and we will do our best to adapt to your personal,plan.


If you decide to attend the courses at our Tuscan location we will meet you at Perugia Airport. When the teaching day is done we often go to our local pizzeria or to the nearby town of Cortona; a charming Etruscan city with excellent restaurants and bars.


If you have any questions at all do get in touch. Our email is

ABOVE: The city of Cortona. This is the central piazza

For details of our courses, accommodation and availability email us on
Let us know how you intend to develop your career and we will tailor your course accordingly