3D3 World

London & Tuscany

Europe's longest running training facility. Founded in 1996. it has provided multi-media and 3D animation training for over 2 decades


5 day PREMIERE course Get started with Premiere quickly. Learn the essentials then progress to complex assemblies using After Effects

5 day AFTER EFFECTS course There is so much one can do with After Effects. From compositing short shots for a bigger movie or using it as a complete tool to create a finished video. The possibilities are endless with this essential post-production tool

5 day MUSE course Muse offers many essential functions for the web designer; and the ability to adapt a design to cover all devices and screen aspect ratios. But It's not all about the tools. The aesthetic of the site should not be overlooked. Muse provides all

5 day PHOTOSHOP course What is there to say about Photoshop. It is the tool that everyone who has anything to do with media uses- and uses every day. To master its many functions is essential

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